It Started with Jake

Jake Ihle opened Ihle Service in 1954 as a Sinclair station located in Douglas on Blue Star Highway.  Ihle Service moved to its existing location in 1961 starting with a single bay. Between 1961 and 1980, Jake ran not only the service garage but also a restaurant, game arcade and part store.  Jake and his wife Gertrude had 3 boys, Gary, Everet and Peter.  As soon as they were old enough, Jake had them all working in the garage and restaurant.  Gertrude ran the restaurant until the late 70’s. Gary Ihle, the oldest son, now owns and operates the part store.

We Grew with Everet

Everet Ihle, the middle son, took over the service repair in 1980.  After graduating from Saugatuck High School Everet joined the Army in 1964 serving two tours in Vietnam. He then moved to Chicago, attended trade school, met his wife to be and moved to New York City. In New York, Everet worked for several automotive garages. Everet and his new wife moved back to Michigan in 1972 after the birth of their first child.  Everet worked for a dealership and a private garage before coming back to take over the family business.

The Tradition Continues with Dave

Dave Ihle is the current owner of Ihle Service. Like his father Everet, Dave started at the garage at an early age and worked his way through college at Ihle’s. After graduating, he moved to Chicago, worked, married and had 3 children. Dave moved back to Saugatuck in 2013 to take over the family business.  Dave and his family reside in the Saugatuck area and plan to carry on the Ihle legacy for many years to come.

Ihle Auto Service History

Ihle familyIhle Auto vintage photo